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IIT Delhi 




Parul Garg (co-supervisor: H. M. Gupta)

“Performance of space-time coding with imperfect channel estimation,” 2005


M. D. Selvaraj

“Performance of cooperative diversity systems with decode and forward relaying,” 2009


Ajay Singh (co-supervisor: M. R. Bhatnagar)

Optimization of cooperative spectrum sensing with conventional and improved energy detectors,” 2012


Kalpana Dhaka

“Performance analysis and power allocation in multi-node relaying

systems,” 2012


Abhinav Kumar

“Price competition and users’ network selection in wireless networks,”



Arti M. K.

“AF MIMO relaying with estimated CSI,” 2014


Ankit Dubey

“Performance analysis of PLC systems over log-normal fading and

impulsive noise,” 2014


Amit Singhal (co-supervisor: B. Lall)

“Performance of amplitude modulation schemes for molecular

communication over a fluid medium,” 2016


Soumya Prakash Dash (co-supervisor: S. K. Mohammed)

“Performance analysis of coherent and noncoherent PLC systems,” 2019


Manoj B. R. (co-supervisor: M. R. Bhatnagar)

“Buffer-aided relaying in DF cooperative networks,” 2019


Sandeep Joshi

Modeling and performance analysis of device-to-device cellular networks,” 2019


Nilay Pandey (co-supervisor: B. Lall)

Modeling and performance analysis of molecular communication systems,” 2020




Parag A. Dighe (co-supervisor: S. S. Jamuar)

“Analysis of transmit-receive diversity in wireless communication systems,” 2002




M. Tirumala Reddy

“Classifying MPSK modulations over fading channels using likelihood methods,” 1999


Ila Nigam

“Performance analysis of linear multiuser detectors,” 2001


Gourav Jain

“Scheduling discipline for multiclass traffic in fixed size packet networks,” 2001


Sambhav K. Jain

“Power control algorithms in mobile wireless,” 2002


Baljeet S. Muchhal

“Analysis of chanel estimation using diversity techniques in multipath fading channels,” 2002


Akhil Agrawal

“Channel parameter estimation in wireless systems and its application

to optimized diversity combining,” 2015

M.Tech. (Dual Degree):


Pranay Gupta

“Improved antenna selection methods for MIMO systems,” 2005


Anshu Vazirani

“Performance evaluation of UWB communication systems in fading environments,” 2005


Iti Jain

“Improved beamforming methods in multiple-input multiple-output systems,” 2006


Sumit Raina

“Generalized selection combining with imperfect channel estimation,” 2006


Himanshu Tyagi

“Optimal receivers for MPSK signaling with imperfect channel estimation,” 2007


Rupakshi Goel

“User cooperation diversity,” 2008


Rohit Agarwal

“Spectrum sensing in frequency domain for cognitive radio networks,” 2008


Sharad Birmiwal (co-supervisor: A. A. Kherani)

“Evolutionary aspects of learning in wireless random access networks,” 2008


Ravi Anand

“Deterministic linear processing for multi-user MIMO systems,” 2016



Vimal Kumar

“Study of performance of digital modulation schemes over fading channels,” 2000

Kapil Bansal

“Design and implementation of scheduler ASIC for high speed networks,” 2001

Anita Kumari, Deepti Singh (co-supervisor: S. S. Jamuar)
“Design of rake receiver for digital communication over fading multipath channels,” 2001

Kumar Nishant, Munish Jindal (co-supervisor: C. P. Ravikumar)
“Providing database connectivity to departmental website,” 2001


Mandeep Bamal, Abhishek Kishore

“Applications of space-time coding,” 2002


Vaibhav Mittal, Yashaswi Gautam (co-supervisor: S. D. Joshi)

“Application of wavelets to error control coding, modulation and multiple access,” 2003


Sameer Vermani, Vikas Scahdeva

“Characterization and estimation of multiple-input multiple-output systems,” 2004


Rohit K. Garodia, Swati Jain

“Study of performance of multiuser receivers for CDMA in a fading environment,” 2005


Bhimraj Meena, Ram Raj Meena

“Optimum multiuser detection with imperfect channel estimation,” 2006


Aakanksha Chowdhery

“Cooperative diversity in wireless networks,” 2007


Nikhilesh Chaudhary, Piyush Maheshwari

“Threshold optimization for detection of spectrum holes in cognitive radio networks,” 2008


Ghanshyam Agrawal, Vijeta Rathore (co-supervisor: S. D. Joshi)

“Optimal transmultiplexers for frequency selective fading channels,” 2008


Abhishek Garg, Bohit Khurana

“Joint optimization of sensing thresholds and power loading scheme for a collaborative cognitive radio network,” 2010


Dinesh Kumar, Chander Mohan (co-supervisor: M. R. Bhatnagar)

“Optimization of pilot duration fraction for phase-shift keying in Rayleigh

fading,” 2013


Sanyam Mehra, Shiny Singh

“Signal design and performance evaluation for noncoherent diversity

reception,” 2014


K. Adithya

“Error analysis and parameter design of noncoherent three-input

multiple-output system with antipodal-type constellation in Rayleigh fading,”




IIT Kharagpur

Rajesh Kumar
"Performance studies of binary CPFSK and QPSK modulation schemes combined with convolutional coding in a mobile
fading channel," 1996

Pawan Kumar
"Pattern recognition using neural networks," 1996



Kaushik Mitra (co-supervisor: R. N. Pal)

"Pattern recognition using artificial neural networks," 1995